a (almost) true story

In the early days there was a small tribe in the deepest Mexican jungle. The tribe’s name was Los Feastos. They were completely unknown to the outside world until their temple was recently found in the jungle. Inscriptions in the walls paint a picture of a tribe who loved to hold large parties and who over time became tired of sticky fingers that were the result of the thin, messy corn bread used for their tacos. The king put his best bakers to find a solution to the problem. The Taco Roll was born! As the Spanish conquistadors approached, the recipes were hidden deep in the catacombs of the temple and fell into oblivion. It is with great pride that we can now give the world a taste of the Los Feastos tribe’s Taco Rolls!

WE are here

Right now you will find us online. We hope to be able to open physical restaurants soon, but for now you are welcome enjoy our food at home! Below you can see in which cities you can find us.

When we open in a new city, the list below will be updated. If you are a restaurant owner and are interested in a take away concept that can complement your existing business, do not hesitate to contact us at: 







MÅN-TIS 16.00-21.00
ONS-SÖN 11.00-21.00

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