Based on a (almost) true story

In the early days there was a small tribe in the deepest Mexican jungle. The tribe’s name was Los Feastos. They were completely unknown to the outside world until their temple was recently found in the jungle. Inscriptions in the walls paint a picture of a tribe who loved to hold large parties and who over time became tired of sticky fingers that were the result of the thin, messy corn bread used for their tacos. The king put his best bakers to find a solution to the problem. The Taco Roll was born! As the Spanish conquistadors approached, the recipes were hidden deep in the catacombs of the temple and fell into oblivion. It is with great pride that we can now give the world a taste of the Los Feastos tribe’s Taco Rolls!


Fast food with a quality of fine dining

Maybe our backstory is drawn with some questionable historical facts but what is absolutely true is that our mission is to create a fast food chain with the same fast service such as Subway or Mc Donald’s but without compromising the quality and taste of the food. We have great focus on the visual impression our guests get when they come in to our restaurants. We believe that a genuine and warm environment is at least as important to the overall experience as the service and the food. We want our customers to get a good meal quickly at a good price in a fantastic environment.


Two entrepreneurs, one of Sweden's biggest influencers and a sausage bun…

The entrepreneurs behind Feast Food are Thomas Jensen and Marcus Nyberg, who are also the founders and are still majority owners and active on the board and management group level at The Nordic Soda Company. The Nordic Soda Company has gone from 1.6 million in sales in 2016 to 31 million in 2019 and has taken the position as market leader in organic tonic and soft drinks in Sweden. Together with Cristian and Doris, the duo behind the Youtube phenomenon ”Let´s Feast”, they have now started Feast Food. Thomas and Marcus background in the food industry in combination with Cristian and Doris knowledge of marketing and through them direct channels to over 500,000 fans in social media right into the target group has proven very successful for The Nordic Soda Company and the FOX brand. Now the same recipe is applied in a fast food concept.


Sweden's hottest new fast food concept

Our main pillar is our taco roll. A bread that resembles a hot dog bun but slightly smaller and not quite as sweet in taste. Our flavors are inspired by Mexican cuisine but we are happy to take influences from other continents to make wonderful Mexican fusion! Our menu has two main tracks where you choose our flavors either as a taco roll or as a nacho plate. You choose 1-3 taco rolls depending on the size of the meal. The food comes from an external supplier but carefully prepared according to our own recipes and then assembled and heated on site in our restaurants.


Built for franchisees from start

We are building our franchise concept already from the start. Everything we do should also be able to apply to a new location instantly. An important key in our concept is that no cooking takes place in the restaurants but only assembly and heating. This basically means that this concept fits in any premises without taking into account ventilation, grease separators, etc. Among other things, that provides good conditions for rapid expansion during 2020-2021 as we plan to establish 2-4 own locations and 8 -12 franchise units.


Launching 2020

In the spring of 2020, we plan to release a number of the products that we serve at our restaurants also in the retail sector. Primarily as an external supplier but discussions are also ongoing whit central buyers in all major Swedish food chains. The launch of these products will take place in close cooperation with The Nordic Soda Company’s organization, where sales and distribution routes are already well established.